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Seasonal Skincare Guide
Seasonal Skincare Guide

The skin condition can be tricky between seasons, and the warm and humid weather will worsen skin problems such as dehydration, oiliness and even cause allergies. Therefore, taking care of your skin care for prevention is important. To combat seasonal skin troubles, of course, the first thing is to find skin care products that suit your skin type, frequently moisturising to achieve a state of oil balancing in the “stratum corneum” and “basal lamina”, as well as reducing the actual problems caused by skin dehydration. Don’t forget it is equally important to drink plenty of water every day!

Sulwhasoo – One-step repair and rejuvenation

In between seasons, it is necessary to have a protective barrier for delicate skin. Sulwhasoo’s First Care Activating Serum has been a hero seller since the launch of the brand. Recently released its 6th generation with upgraded formula SULWHASOO MASTER COMPLEXTM carries an even more incredible power after 500 hours of natural ripening, boosts repairing and strengthening capacity, improves skincare product absorption and activates the profound vitality of skin.

Shop 423-424, 4/F

mtm labo re-white ‧ re-write

Whitening while moisturising, killing 2 birds with 1 stone! mtm labo custom-blended re-white formulas combine deeply penetrative moisturising and whitening ingredients. The collection includes essence, face cream and mask with double actions to suppress the production of melanin and prevent the formation of pigmentation. While the moisturising factors help whitening ingredients effectively penetrate deep into the skin’s basal layer, achieving the highest whitening effect, gradually restoring the skin to its original state with a dewy and translucent look.

mtm labo
Shop B203A, B2/F

L’OCCITANE – Reset for Beauty Skin

L’OCCITANE’s hero product ‘Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-In-Serum’ has been highly popular since its launch. Made with 100% organic Immortelle, it can instantly moisturise and plump the skin while strengthening the anti-stress barrier. The ingredients help improve skin absorption, locking nutrients and rejuvenating the skin texture, solving skin problems such as uneven skin tone, dullness, dehydration and fine lines. It also helps skin to boosts its recovery. It is a blessing for busy women!

Shop B204, B2/F

Jurlique – Long-lasting moisturising

Keeping the skin hydrated is essential during seasonal changes; using masks regularly can surely improve the skin’s quality. Jurlique’s latest ‘Rose- Powered Mask for 24-Hour Hydration’ contains 98% natural plant extracts and is infused with the brand’s exclusive research and development of rose droplet technology, which can significantly boost the efficiency of highly effective Jurlique ‘Rose Extract’, allowing nutrients to penetrate to the bottom of the skin, providing long-lasting moisture to the skin, softening the skin and keeping it radiant and dewy.

Shop B229A-B229B, B2/F

WULT – Masks of the hour

The Skin Need Mask collection from local vegan beauty brand WULT (Woke Up Like This) is perfect for in-season hydration. Among them, there is the ‘Hyaluronic Acid + B5 Aqua Infusion Mask’, which delivers active ingredients to the skin, ‘Moisturising & Calming Mask’ which effectively promotes skin renewal, ‘ Nourishing Ceramides + Desert Extract Cream Mask’ that instantly improves softness and radiance, and ‘ Thermal Spring Cloud Mask’ that can balance oil and moisture level. Use them alternately to fight against skin troubles during seasonal transition!

Woke Up Like This
Shop B245, B2/F

PITANIUM – Strengthening from the base

PITANIUM, a local skincare brand that combines modern technology, recently launched ‘Uncommon Skin Concentrate’, which helps improve many common skin problems. It uses tiny molecules to strengthen the skin cells in the deeper layers. The ingredients include hyaluronic acid, diamonds and amethyst for professional skin care, plant stem cells, peptide complex elements, etc. They are formulated into tiny molecules to make the skin easier to absorb, improve skin texture, and make it glow naturally and plump.

Shop B210A, B2/F

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