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Pitanium "Summer Hero" The Blue Pampered

Environmental factors like weather, pollution, chemicals, oil, and cosmetics accumulate daily, creating stress and various inflammations (including latent cellular inflammation) in skin cells. This leads to toxin buildup, low metabolism, inefficient absorption, and breakdown, resulting in dehydration, sensitivity, aging, acne, pigmentation, enlarged pores, loss of elasticity, and extreme skin conditions.

The Blue Pampered starts by cooling and calming the cells’ inflammation, then deeply detoxifies and replenishes the cells with various energies, providing the skin with an exceptional and comprehensive high-end skincare solution.

Through the unique low-temperature hydrolysis technology, instead of traditional high-heat milling, this essence perfectly preserves the precious nutrients from ingredients like Centella, rosemary, fennel, and rose hip extracts. The low-temperature hydrolysis technology converts them into highly skin-compatible, small-molecule forms. It also incorporates elements like NMN, EGF, peptides, and amino acids, efficiently performing anti-inflammatory, toxin-clearing, and nutritional functions, while repairing cellular DNA and providing cell-building components, to comprehensively optimize the skin most effectively.

Immersive Anti-Inflammatory, Boosting Cellular Efficiency

The Blue Pampered is formulated using unique low-temperature hydrolysis technology, combining various precious and anti-inflammatory ingredients and cellular energies. Provides skin cells with a powerful anti-inflammatory and calming effect, thorough detoxification and repair, and deeply penetrating nourishment. This persistently enhances the skin condition and cellular efficiency, while also immediately calming any abnormal problems. Significantly improve the skin’s absorption limitation, nourishment efficiency, hydration, skin barrier function, and anti-pigmentation ability, giving users a stable, plump, and replenished skin state.

Low-Temperature Hydrolysis for Skin Nutrition

Traditional skincare products mainly rely on milling, decomposition, and synthesis, with the manufacturing process sometimes involving substantial heating, leading to a significant loss of the original ingredients’ nutritional value. In contrast, The Blue Pampered utilizes the proprietary low-temperature hydrolysis technology instead of conventional methods. It extracts the precious nutrients in a vacuum environment using low-temperature hydrolysis, maximizing the preservation of the organic ingredients’ beneficial properties, and formulating them into a cellular energy complex.

Cold-Infused Essence for Cross-Layered Skin Calming

By storing The Blue Pampered in the refrigerator and using it at a lower temperature, the calming effect can be further doubled. Combined with the advanced anti-inflammatory and calming ingredients in the hydrolyzed essence, this rapidly cools and cools down the skin across all layers, significantly reducing latent inflammation and various abnormal skin conditions. It immediately repairs the skin and improves cellular states, then infuses abundant cellular energies – a supremely comfortable process that delivers immense skincare benefits.

Zero-oil, High-Penetration, Pure Moisture Bombardment

The Blue Pampered employs a water-molecule complex formula technology, selectively extracting the aqueous factors from various precious, concentrated nutrient liquids. It undergoes multiple oil-filtering processes, resulting in a uniquely concentrated, oil-free state that can deeply penetrate every skin layer. This confers extremely high permeability and pure aqueous properties, which not only facilitate cellular penetration but also maintain cellular stability across different skin types. Users experience a weightless, deep skin treatment.

Non-Rejective Super Carrier, Ultimate Anti-Aging Supply for the Skin

The Blue Pampered is formulated with peptides, short peptides, and amino acids as the foundation, which are essential skin components. This creates a non-rejective and highly permeable profile, allowing the hydrolyzed essence to become a supercarrier for various anti-aging nutrients. It easily transports multiple precious elements into the skin cells and activates their functions, including a high-purity NMN solution combined with highly active, low-molecular EGF cell growth factors, forming a cellular rejuvenation energy complex. This promotes superior cell growth while infusing longevity genes, strengthening the core cellular energies, and powerfully combating cellular aging.

Cellular Super Carrier, High Compatibility with all Pitanium Products

In terms of ingredients, particle size, and compositional density, The Blue Pampered seamlessly integrates with the water and oil moieties of multiple Pitanium products, exhibiting exceptional compatibility. This enables countless, unrestricted, and non-rejective mixing variations, for example, blending with Turmeric + Pineapple Concentrate to enhance cellular brightening and immunity or mixing with Relax And Repair Cream to boost cellular calmness and elasticity. These versatile pairings and synergies far exceed the inherent frameworks, directly delivering users’ preferred ingredients and functions into the skin cells for absorption. It is a transformative ingredient supercarrier, achieving extraordinary results through unparalleled skin penetration.

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