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Helena Rubinstein: Replasty Age Recovery
Helena Rubinstein: Replasty Age Recovery

Replasty Age Recovery Eye Repairing Night Care

Helena Rubinstein’s legacy is matched by its commitment to innovation. In partnership since 2008 with Laclinic-Montreux, the brand created the Replasty franchise. This targeted skincare line is designed to treat anti-aging scars through cosmetic solutions without clinical intervention.

In 2023, Helena Rubinstein unveils Replasty Age Recovery Eye Repairing Night Care. For the first time, a breakthrough formula for delicate eye care is infused with an unprecedented 30% concentration of Pro-Xylane solution.

A Youthful Gaze A Universal Obsession

As the most expressive and fragile area of the face, the eye contour is subject to measurably more stress than other zones. With age, the delicate skin around the eyes naturally thins and muscle tone subsides, allowing noticeable signs of aging – fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and sagging – to gradually become more apparent.

Proactive care for the eye area is a universal concern: in recent years, blepharoplasty and interventions to attenuate signs of damage around the eyes figured among the data aesthetic procedures in both Europe and Asia. To answer these needs, Helena Rubinstein inspired by the expertise of Dr. Pfulg and his team from Laclinic-Montreux, created a new night cream for the eye contour that offers immediate visible results.

30% Pro-Xylane Solution, A First In Eye Care

Helena Rubinstein rises to that challenge with an avant-garde, non-invasive protocol conceived specifically to refine and reveal the beauty of the eye contour. Replasty Age Recovery Eye Repairing Night Care holds several patents, a testament to its formulation prowess.

Helena Rubinstein presents an unprecedented 30% concentration of ProXylane in a new emollient bandage formula. Tailor-made for the eye area, Replasty Age Recovery Eye Repairing Night Care is the most potent ally ever developed for redensifying the ultra-fine skin around the eyes.

It also combines four different grades of biotech Hyaluronic Acid selected for their different molecular weights, to provide in-depth moisturizing and longlasting efficacy. It’s augmented by two soothing hero ingredients: Panthenol and Madecassoside.

In view of this high concentration of active ingredients, Helena Rubinstein Laboratories have succeeded once again in creating a unique protocol for the eyes that acts in perfect bio-affinity, softly enveloping this fragile area in an emollient bandage.

The Cooling Eye Massager

To enhance the power of the Replasty Age Recovery Eye Repairing Night Care, Helena Rubinstein has developed a cooling eye massager tool with specific metallic properties. Designed ergonomically to suit the eye area, this massaging tool may be filled with hot or cold water to enhance formula penetration for a better efficacy and deliver a highly sensorial experience.

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