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Dazzling Upgrade on Pitanium Relax & Repair Cream
Dazzling Upgrade on Pitanium Relax & Repair Cream

Pitanium Relax & Repair Cream breaks through all the blind spots of traditional face cream, taking it to the next level. Traditional face creams combine creams with different proportions of water and oil to achieve moisturizing and water-locking effects. However, excessive oil will make the product heavy, skin greasy, and even cause clogged pores, difficult to improve various skin problems. Too little oil deprives it of basic functions such as water-locking and protection.

Relax & Repair Cream utilizes the most advanced molecular decomposition technology in France, combining French spring water with top-graded coconut oil. By perfectly integrating French bio-inspired technology, the last version of Pitanium Relax & Repair Cream has replaced hemp plant extract with a more effective, stable, and safe bio-mimetic form. Elevating to a gentle, and non-rejecting texture for skin. Calming each tight skin cell, brings them back to a relaxed state, accelerating the anti-aging metabolism, releasing tension between skin cells, and enhancing skin firmness.

With its non-rejecting and highly penetrative properties, combined with a compound targeting skin self-repair, it rapidly penetrates the skin’s surface upon application for protection, moisture lock, and hydration. It concentrates the nutrients to the deeper skin layers, offering unprecedented skincare value, instantly improving skin quality and condition while stabilizing it in the long run, and suits all skin types perfectly.

French Molecular Decomposition Technology – the new generation of texture and anti-aging champion.

Pitanium Relax & Repair Cream employs the highest-grade molecular decomposition technology in France to break down the oil and water nutrient molecules to a molecular level for fusion. This results in an extremely soft texture that is easily spread and instantly absorbed by the skin, providing protection and a range of optimized operations within the skin. By selecting only the highest quality, purity, and safe stable components and breaking them down through French molecular decomposition technology, the product achieves powerful effects and perfect texture by focusing on quality over quantity.

Each use delivers immediate and long-term comprehensive effects to the skin, with strong cell calming effects releasing the pressure from skin cells entirely. This leads to a significant recovery and increase in facial blood flow slowed down by age and skin condition, greatly boosting metabolic functions, achieving a true reversal of the cellular aging cycle, and bringing the skin to an unprecedented optimal state. It simultaneously issues such as skin tone, skin tightness, texture, sensitivity, eczema, dehydration, oiliness, wrinkles, acne, inflammation, redness, dullness, blackheads, pores, and sagging.

Achieving a breakthrough in texture and a non-rejecting quality

PITANIUM Relax & Repair Cream utilizes the world’s clearest spring water and coconut oil which is closest to human sebum as its base ingredients. By breaking down the oil and water nutrient molecules to a molecular level and fusing them, it creates a conductive medium that is non-rejecting to human skin and will mutually attract each other. The highly penetrative nature of the cream makes the heaviness disappear without a trace, giving it an extremely soft texture that is easy to spread and instantly absorbed by the skin. At the same time, it remains within the skin to provide protection and a series of optimized operations, bringing the cream from the surface of the skin to deep within, providing true skincare value beyond protection and hydration, suitable for users with any skin type.

French Biomimicry Technology for High Skin Transformation Efficiency

PITANIUM Relax & Repair Cream utilizes French Biomimicry Technology to mimic the previous generation of plant essence in the cream. The biomimetic essence has been optimized for ingredient safety, stability, skin absorption, and conversion efficiency. It possesses unprecedented soothing power for the skin, quickly calming and relaxing every skin cell to normalize skin texture and bring the skin into a state of perfect repair. Moving the skin away from extreme conditions, resolves and improves long-term skin issues caused by skin type or aging, providing significant value to the skin.

Comprehensive Skin Optimization, Truly All-in-one

PITANIUM Relax & Repair Cream boasts a variety of properties, combined with unique high-quality ingredients and powerful soothing and blood flow repair effects. Skin cells will break free from long-term tension and restore tension between cells, leaving the skin incredibly soft and smooth after using the cream. Continuous use significantly improves skin texture and enhances facial contours. Regardless of skin appearance, function, or conditions like dehydration, blackheads, sagging, and other signs of aging, there will be a remarkable improvement. Furthermore, it continuously combats aging crises.A relaxed SPA for the skin.

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