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KAMIMURA JAPANESE BBQ has its own farm in Kagoshima to raise Satsuma Gyu (Satsuma cattle). It is one of a few Japanese companies with one-stop production by equipping its own homemade feed, Wagyu breeding and meat processing that facilitates KAMIMURA to offer the Satsuma Gyu with the best quality and with the lowest price which makes it popular in Japan. The Satsuma Gyu of KAMICHIKU FARM are produced in Kagoshima Prefecture with grade A4 or above. In 2017, Kagoshima Wagyu ranked the top at the 11th The National Competitive Exhibition of Wagyu (commonly known as Wagyu Olympics). Apart from Satsuma Gyu, there are also various kinds of meat and seafood selections. Categories such as sushi, ramen, salad, cold dishes and dessert, with a total of 170 items are in the menu. Equipping with the Japanese patent technology Tokkyu Lane delivery service, mobile phone ordering system and the regular ventilation system, KAMIMURA ensures that all the customers can enjoy their time in a safe and hygienic place.

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