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Established in 2006, :CHOCOOLATE is an in-house fashion brand of the I.T Group renowned for its high-quality casualwear. The label has gained popularity for its youthful and graphic-driven designs, appealing to individuals of all age groups. :CHOCOOLATE offers a wide array of wardrobe essentials, including t-shirts, hoodies, trousers, and outerwear, meticulously crafted with an acute attention to detail.

An impressive aspect of the brand is its collaborations with esteemed international labels like CHAMPION and A BATHING APE®, resulting in distinctive and innovative collections that blend diverse styles. These partnerships have garnered attention from fashion enthusiasts and collectors alike. Additionally, :CHOCOOLATE has ventured into collaborations with beloved franchises like Gudetama and Disney, further broadening its appeal and allowing fans to express their affinity for these iconic brands through fashion.

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