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Inimitable : I - nfinity
Inimitable : I - nfinity

Continuing the success from last year, Times Square has once again joined hands with Ian Chan International Fan Club to host a solo exhibition of Ian. The exhibition highlights Ian’s signature blue colour and features a series of exclusive photographs. In addition to the three themed rooms in Open Piazza that offer deeper insights into different aspects of Ian, the exhibition also features a special Ian birthday limited edition capsule vending machine and a birthday-themed photo booth on B1/F, allowing fans to take commemorative photos with Ian.

Three Themed Rooms in the Outdoor Plaza Offer Deeper Insights into Ian

The right side of the entrance features a large interactive 3D installation with a visual effect – from the left, it reads “IAN”, while from the right, it reads “HBD”. The QR code on the wall can be scanned with a smartphone to unlock a simple yet grand lighting effect, officially kicking off this unique and infinite journey.

On the other side of the entrance is the first themed room, the “Ian Room”. Here, the public can delve deeper into Ian’s musical talents. The room’s walls are printed with the titles of all the music works Ian has released, and in the center hang three square speakers playing excerpts of three of his classic songs: “Whale Fall”, “Breathing with You”, and his latest single “Thank You Postman”. Continue inwards, and you can enjoy performance footage of Ian on various stages, showcasing his versatility.

After the music room, turn the corner and you’ll arrive at the “Sporty Room”, showcasing Ian’s lively and energetic side. Ian’s athletic abilities are well-known – he was a former member of the Hong Kong men’s national volleyball team and the South China Athletic Association Volleyball Team A1 Division. He has also demonstrated his basketball skills in celebrity matches. As it happens, the sports enthusiast and adventure-seeking Ian has also been exploring his capabilities in football and golf, which you can discover more about here.

The final themed room, the “Living Room”, brings you closer to Ian’s most genuine side behind the camera – centered around home decor, this room reveals small details of Ian’s daily life: the walls are adorned with the cover photos of his singles, and the bookshelf displays Ian’s magazine covers and books. At the other end of the room, the wall is hung with numerous photos of Ian and his fans, the Hellosss, representing their growth together.

Instagram-worthy spots of Special Ian Birthday Capsule Vending Machine and Photo Booth

The exhibition extends from Open Piazza to B1/F, including several triangular photo setups which feature 9 photos of Ian specially shot for this exhibition, showcasing his various charms. These photos will be exclusively exhibited at Times Square, and Hellosss must seize the opportunity to take commemorative photos.

Additionally, the venue features a giant capsule vending machine and a photo booth exclusively for Hellosss. The capsule vending machine contains limited-edition merchandise, including mini Ian, mini Ian pins, Inimitable: I – nfinity memo pads, Q-version phone lanyard clips, and embroidered lyric keychains. The photo booth offers two Ian birthday-themed frames, allowing Hellosss to take photos with Ian. The giant capsule vending machine is only open to pre-booked Hellosss during designated time slots, while the photo booth is open to both Hellosss and the general public.

Capsule Vending Machine details: (open for pre-booked individuals only)

Date25 – 26 May, 1 – 2, 10, 15 Jun 2024
Time10am – 9pm

Photo Booth details:

  Open for pre-booked individuals only Open for public
Date 25 – 26 May, 1 – 2, 10, 15 Jun 2024 24 May 2024 27 – 31 May, 3 – 9, 11 – 14, 16 Jun 2024
Time 10am – 10pm 6 – 10pm 10am – 10pm

Inimitable : I – nfinity
Date: Now – 16 Jun 2024
Time: 10am – 10pm (Opens after 6pm on launch day)
Location: Open Piazza & B1/F

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