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“Exclusive Times Square rewards for Amex Cardmembers” Participating merchant list of e-Vouchers
“Exclusive Times Square rewards for Amex Cardmembers” Participating merchant list of e-Vouchers

Generic T&C of e-Voucher:

  1. This e-Voucher can only be used for spending at the participating outlets at Times Square and valid for 30 days from the issue date. Expired and unused e-Voucher will neither be extended nor re-issued.
  2. ONE $100 Shopping e-Voucher can be used upon spending of HK$100 or above at the participating outlets at Times Square.
  3. A maximum of THREE $100 Shopping e-Voucher can be used in each transaction.
  4. ONE HK$50 Dining e-Voucher can be used upon spending of HK50 or above at the participating merchants at Times Square.
  5. A maximum of THREE HK$50 Dining e-Voucher can be used in each transaction.
  6. HK$50 Dining e-Voucher is valid for dine-in only.
  7. Each transaction can only use e-vouchers under the same member’s account.
  8. This e-Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons/vouchers issued by Times Square.
  9. Each e-Voucher can be redeemed once only.
  10. This e-Voucher must be presented before payment. No retrospective arrangement can be made.
  11. This e-Voucher cannot be used to purchase any gift card, dining / shopping voucher, pure gold grain or pure gold bar.
  12. This e-Voucher is not for sale, non-exchangeable for cash and/or other gifts, and is non-returnable. Times Square Limited reserves the right to collect or cancel the e-Voucher used for sale.
  13. All transactions with the use of e-Voucher are NOT eligible for refund from the outlets; and can just exchange to other items according to the corresponding policies of each participating outlet (if applicable).
  14. Times Square Limited reserves the right to change the terms & conditions and the list of participating outlets in relation to the use of this e-Voucher without prior notice.
  15. In case of any dispute, the decision of Times Square Limited and the participating outlets shall be the final.

General Terms and Conditions:

  1. The promotion period runs from June 1, 2024 to July 31, 2024, both dates inclusive (“Promotion Period”).
  2. a) Shopping Rewards: During the Promotion Period, Eligible Cardmembers (as defined in Clause 3) who meet accumulated same-day spending requirement, up to 2 transactions and each transaction receipt amount must be HK$100 or above (“Amex Qualifying Spending”) with Eligible Cards (as defined in Clause 3) at Participating retail or dining outlets (“Participating Merchants”) at Times Square (“Participating Location”) will be entitled to enjoy the shopping rewards (“American Express Offer”).- Tier 1: Accumulated same-day net spend up to HK$2,000 to HK$3,999 to get a HK$100 shopping e-Voucher
    – Tier 2: Accumulated same-day net spend up to HK$4,000 or above to get a HK$200 shopping e-Voucher and a HK$50 dining e-Voucher
  3. Bonus Reward: Net spend amount of HK$500 or above in a single transaction on dining at dining merchants at Hong Kong Times Square and purchase 2 movie tickets on the same day to get a HK$50 dining e-Voucher during the Promotion Period.Collectively “Offers”.
  4. To enjoy the Offers, Cardmembers must settle the payment in full with American Express Cards issued in Hong Kong by American Express International, Inc. (“American Express”) (“Eligible Card”, such holders, “Eligible Cardmembers”) within the Promotion Period. Payment made with the US Dollar Card, American Express Business Travel Account or Corporate Purchasing Card, and Cards bearing the American Express name, brand or logo issued by partners of American Express and all American Express Cards issued outside of Hong Kong are not eligible to enjoy the Offers.
  5. Eligible transactions do not include the purchase of Times Square Gift Cards/Vouchers or merchant’s cash coupons/shopping vouchers/stored value cards/gift cards, value-adding receipts from any shop, charity donations, currency exchanges/refunds, bill payments, insurance/investment/bank services, finance services, telecommunication services, split transactions, membership fees (including but not limited to the monthly instalment plan of jewelry and goldsmith companies), car parking fees, electronic vehicle charging fees, locker rental fees, office building transactions, wedding banquets, private and corporate functions at F&B outlets, fraudulent transactions, and unauthorised transactions. For deposit payments or instalment transactions, only the first deposit payment or the first instalment amount on the day of payment will be eligible to be counted in the calculation of Amex Qualifying Spending. Eligible Cardmembers are required to redeem the Offers on the same day, the remaining balance of the relevant transaction will not be eligible to redeem the Offers for the entire Promotion Period. Treatment services receipts of SHISEIDO GINZA TOKYO (Suite 1701 Tower 1), Bipo (Suite 1702A Tower 1), Sulwhasoo (Suite 1501-3 Tower 1), PicoLabb (Suites 1504B Tower 1), Polyvision (Suite 1703-5 Tower 1), Pop-up and Bazaar are not accepted for this Promotion.
  6. All transaction receipts or American Express electronic payment receipts dated outside the Promotion Period are not eligible for this Promotion. All transaction receipts from cash advances, internet purchases, mobile shopping apps, mail orders, phone orders or any transaction receipts not originating from a genuine transaction at the Participating Location or which has been subject to a cancellation, charge-back, return of goods or refunds will not be accepted.
  7. During the entire Promotion Period, each Eligible Cardmember can redeem the Shopping Rewards and Bonus Reward, a maximum of once per day.
  8. Eligible Cardmembers are required to download Hong Kong Times Square APP and register as Team Times member (“Member”) to join this promotion and enjoy the Offers. Each Eligible Cardmember can register as Member ONCE only. Times Square Limited reserves the right to request Member to present their proof of identity for verification.
  9. Eligible Cardmembers must present the original same-day machine-printed transaction receipt(s) and corresponding designated American Express electronic payment receipt(s) (“Eligible Transaction Documents”) and the relevant Eligible Card in person at the Times Square Gift Redemption Counter on the day of purchase to be eligible for the redemption of the Offers. Eligible Cardmembers who use a mobile payment app (limited to Apply Pay, Google PayTM and Samsung Pay) must present both original same-day machine-printed transaction receipt(s) and the corresponding transaction proof (including original Designated Electronic Payment receipts or transaction records on mobile payment app) for stamping and verification of redemption within the Promotion Period.Times Square Gift Redemption Counter:
    Address: 5/F, Times Square
    Opening hours: 12:00 noon to 10:00pm
  10. Eligible Cardmembers who satisfied the Amex Qualifying Spending and spending requirement for Bonus Reward but original merchant receipts were issued after 10:00pm, can bring along the Eligible Transaction Documents and the Eligible Card to redeem the Offers within the next day.
  11. Photocopied, revised, damaged, reprinted or handwritten transaction receipts and electronic payment receipts will not be accepted.
  12. Each set of Eligible Transaction Documents can only be redeemed once during the Promotion Period. All Eligible Transaction Documents will be stamped with a “Redeemed” chop for record-keeping purposes after completing the redemption. Stamped receipts cannot be used for a refund at the relevant merchant’s outlet.
  13. Offers are available on a first-come-first-served basis while stock lasts.
  14. The shopping e-Vouchers and dining e-Vouchers can only be used at specific Times Square merchants and are not transferable or exchangeable for cash or credit in any kind, nor will change be given for any unused value.
  15. Other Terms and Conditions apply for the shopping e-Vouchers and dining e-Vouchers. Please refer to the e-Vouchers or Times Square website for details.
  16. The Counter staff will determine the eligibility of each transaction receipt. American Express and Times Square have the right to record or photocopy the spending details including the Card number, Cardmember name, the merchant name and the transaction amount. Information collected by American Express and Times Square will only be used for verification for this Promotion and will be destroyed after the purpose is fulfilled.
  17. Staff of Times Square and its tenants are not eligible to participate in this Promotion on behalf of Eligible Cardmembers.
  18. Any redeemed shopping e-Vouchers or dining e-Vouchers will not be replaced or replenished if stolen, lost or damaged. Redemption gifts and/or services are subject to such quality assurance Terms and Conditions as provided by the suppliers and/or tenants. American Express and Times Square accept no responsibility and no liability for any matter relating to the conditions and quality of the gifts provided by the respective suppliers and/or tenants.
  19. All Eligible Cardmembers who participate in the Promotion are presumed to have read, accepted and agreed to abide by the above Terms and Conditions. Otherwise, the Cardmembers will be considered to have forsaken their rights to participate.
  20. In case of any enquiry related to this Promotion, please call the 24-hour enquiry hotline shown at the back of your Card or our customer service hotline at 2277 1010.
  21. Participating merchants are solely responsible for all products, services, consultation and advice offered to eligible Cardmember. American Express and Times Square are not the providers of any of these products and/or services herein and make no representation or warranty in relation to the same.
  22. American Express and Times Square shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) or for personal injury which is suffered or sustained, as a result of taking or using any of the American Express Offer, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.
  23. American Express and Times Square reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions, suspend or terminate the American Express Offer at any time without prior notice.
  24. Should any dispute arise, the decision of American Express and Times Square shall be final.
  25. In case of inconsistency between English and Chinese versions of the Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.

Hotline: 2118 8900

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