Times Square VIC Program


Terms & Conditions of Times Square VIC Club Membership

Members of the Times Square Very Important Customer Club (“VIC Club”) may enjoy the exclusive benefits and privileges from Times Square. You need to have same day purchases of HK$20,000 or cumulative purchases of HK$40,000 within 30 days at Times Square to register as a VIC Club member at VIC Lounge or VIC Concierge.

A. Membership Registration

  1. Applicants must be aged 18 or over. Corporate applicants will not be entertained.
  2. A person is eligible to apply to become a member of VIC Club if he/she satisfies the following spending requirement by designated electronic payment:-
    1. Makes same day purchase(s) amounting to HK$20,000 or above (with a maximum of 5 electronic receipts) at Times Square (except purchases at any bazaars, pop-ups, temporary kiosk and consignment shops); or
    2. Makes cumulative purchases of HK$40,000 (a maximum of 15 receipts) within 30 days at Times Square (except purchases at any bazaars, pop-ups, temporary kiosk and consignment shops).
  3. A person may apply to become a member of the VIC Club via either one of the following methods:-
    1. Apply in person:-
      1. (i) Fill in the application form and submit the original completed application form in person to either Times Square VIC Lounge at Suite 1505, 15/F Tower 1 Times Square (“VIC Lounge”) or the VIC Concierge at 5/F, Times Square (“VIC Concierge”) (or such other place as may be specified);
      2. (ii) Applicants are required to present their valid Hong Kong Identification Card or travel documents or other identification documents when submitting the application, failure to provide will result in rejection of application;
      3. (iii) Applicants for VIC Club are required to present the original machine printed receipt(s), designated electronic transaction slip(s) and/or mobile payment transaction record(s) (the “Transaction Receipts”) showing fulfilment of the spending requirement provided at Clause A2 above along with the relevant credit card(s) and payment device(s) used for the transaction(s);
  4. Only transactions / payment made by the Applicant are eligible for registration and the Transaction Receipts must bear the same name as the Applicant. For the purpose of Clause A2 above, the Transaction Receipts are only valid for registration within 14 days from the date of transaction.
  5. Each Transaction Receipt can only be registered one time. For the avoidance of doubt, Transaction Receipt(s) used for application for VIC Club membership can be used for earning TS Points.
  6. Reprinted receipts, handwritten receipts, split transaction receipts, split payment by different people, receipts from purchase of cash vouchers, gift cards, bill payment, memberships, purchase and reload of value-added cards, purchase with cash vouchers, shopping vouchers, value-added cards, Times Square Gift Card, gift cards and cash dollars, online purchase, Pop-up store and Bazaar’s receipts are not accepted for the purpose of application to VIC Club and for earning TS Points (see section B below).
  7. Applicants must ensure that the information submitted on the application form is authentic, accurate, complete, not misleading and without any elements of fraud. Applicants acknowledge and agree that any inaccuracy or incompleteness of the information supplied in relation to their application may result in a delay in processing their application, or may result in the rejection of such application.
  8. Upon successful registration as member of VIC Club, a digital membership card can be found in the Mobile App in the member’s account. Members must present the digital or physical membership card for registering events, joining activities, earning points, enjoying members’ benefits or redeeming rewards, including gifts, vouchers, services.
  9. In case the physical membership card is defaced, damaged, altered or lost, and the member applies for a replacement card, all TS Points stored in that member’s account will be forfeited automatically. A member may visit the VIC Lounge or the VIC Concierge in person to apply for a replacement physical membership card and the member is required to present his/her valid Hong Kong Identification Card or travel documents or other identification documents for verification purposes.
  10. Each person is only eligible to join the VIC Club once, in case a person is found to possess more than one membership account to VIC Club, Times Square Limited has the right to cancel any or all of such membership accounts and to forfeit any or all TS Points earned under such membership accounts.
  11. Membership, member benefits and membership cards / accounts cannot be transferred to others or provided for others’ use and cannot be converted to cash.
  12. Times Square Limited may communicate occasional offers or event invitation to members via SMS, email, phone or other contact methods, members should provide the valid email address and phone number to prevent missing of important messages.
  13. Times Square Limited is not responsible for all unsuccessful delivered messages via email, SMS, phone or other feasible communication methods.
  14. If applicants do not wish to accept the Terms & Condition during the application, the membership will not be activated and valid.
  15. A member is entitled to terminate his/her VIC Club membership at any time by either submitting a notice in writing together with the return of the VIC physical membership card to Times Square Limited in person or by post, such notice to take effect upon receipt.
  16. All employees of Times Square Limited, appointed contractors, advertising and PR agencies, its retail tenants and sponsors are not allowed to register as members and Times Square Limited has the sole discretion in deciding on this matter.
  17. In case of any disputes, the decision of Times Square Limited shall be final and conclusive.

B. TS Points

  1. With every spending of HK$1 at Times Square designated shops (except purchases at any bazaars, pop-ups, temporary kiosk and consignment shops) by designated of electronic payment (credit card / debit card / EPS / Alipay / Apple Pay / WeChat Pay / Google Pay / BOC Pay), members of VIC Club are eligible to earn 1 TS Point.
  2. Members of BVIC Club can register TS points via receipt upload in their mobile app. Members login their BVIC Club membership account and upload details of the Transaction Receipt(s) and designated mobile payment transaction record(s). The payment amount of the Transaction Receipt must be greater than HK$500 and less than HK$40,000 (maximum 10 Transaction Receipts can be uploaded daily).
  3. Only Transaction Receipts bearing the same name as the member are eligible for registration of TS Points.
  4. For registration in person for the last 10 days of each quarter (i.e. March, June, September & December) or new Beauty VIC member registration, Times Square Limited will stamp on all the Transaction Receipts submitted for registration of TS Points for identification purpose. Times Square Limited has the right to keep copies of the Transaction Receipts by any means including but not limited to photocopying and photo-taking for verification purpose.
  5. Subject to Clause A(6) above, each Transaction Receipt can only be registered one time for the purpose of earning TS Points.
  6. Members must register the Transaction Receipt(s) within 14 days of the transaction date to earn TS Points, but for Transaction Receipt(s) issued on or after 18 December in that particular calendar year, they must be registered within the same year of purchase (i.e. on or before 31 December in that year) otherwise the Transaction Receipt(s) will not be eligible to earn TS Points.
  7. Members must ensure that the Transaction Receipt(s) and any other documents and information submitted for the purpose of registering for TS Points are authentic, accurate, complete, not misleading and without any elements of fraud. Members acknowledge and agree that any inaccuracy or incompleteness of the information supplied may result in a delay in the processing of the granting of TS Points or the rejection of granting of TS Points.
  8. The TS Points will only be granted and updated in the member’s membership account upon approval by Times Square Limited and the records of Times Square Limited in such matter shall be final and conclusive.
  9. The TS Points granted must be used within the calendar year (i.e. by 31 December of that year) and TS Points that have not been used prior to that date will be forfeited without notice and cannot be returned or recovered.
  10. The TS Points cannot be converted into cash and cannot be transferred to another person or another VIC Club member.
  11. Members can log in to the Mobile App to browse their TS Points balance.
  12. Times Square Limited has the right to determine the validity, authenticity and applicability of the Transaction Receipt(s) and Times Square Limited’s decision in such matter shall be final and conclusive.
  13. Members acknowledge and agree to authorise the relevant merchants at Times Square to provide Times Square Limited with any document, information or supporting details in relation to the relevant transaction(s) for verification purpose.
  14. In the event where in Times Square Limited’s opinion, the TS Points are obtained by the members via dishonest or improper means or otherwise granted by error, Times Square Limited has the right to suspend or terminate the relevant members’ membership without prior notice and/or to forfeit any or all TS Points earned by such members without prior notice. Times Square Limited’s decision in such matter shall be final and conclusive.
  15. In case of any disputes in respect of the TS Points, the decision of Times Square Limited shall be final and conclusive.

C. Gift Redemption

  1. Members may only apply to redeem gift / reward / service using their TS Points in person at the VIC Lounge or VIC Concierge by presenting their digital or physical VIC card.
  2. Any gift / reward / service is subject to availability which will be based on a first-come-first-served basis. Members acknowledge that the gift / reward / service will be limited in supply within a certain period and agree that no claim or complaint could be made against Times Square Limited and no compensation would be offered by Times Square Limited.
  3. Upon confirmation of gift / reward / service redemption by Times Square Limited, the relevant TS Points will be deducted from the member’s account automatically without further notice.
  4. Times Square Limited has the right to require the member to provide proof of identity for verification purpose and before processing such redemption application.
  5. For gift / reward / service that require collection in person, in case the member cannot come in person for the collection, the member may authorize another person to collect the redeemed gift / reward / service on his/her behalf and such authorized person is required to present an original authorization letter signed by both the member and the authorized person for such collection which shall include the member’s membership number, the full names of the member and the authorized person, authorized person’s contact number and the authorized person’s HKID card number or identification document number. Times Square Limited will not process the redemption if the identity of member cannot be verified or valid authorization cannot be confirmed.
  6. If Members subsequently cancel a purchase which points are registered, points earned from eligible spending for that particular purchase will also be cancelled. If points have already been used to redeem gift or to enroll for members’ activities, Members are required to return the gift or to pay for a fair value for the membership activities.
  7. Redeemed gift / reward / service cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged to cash.
  8. Times Square Limited reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to discontinue any gift / reward / service or to replace with another gift / reward / service at any time without notice prior to any reward redemption.
  9. All product warranties or enquiries on the gift / reward / service redeemed shall be referred to the original suppliers or manufacturers directly. Any dispute concerning the gift / reward / services (quality, functionality, safety, durability, suitability or otherwise) shall be settled between members and the suppliers or manufacturers. Times Square Limited is not liable for any product warranty or safety issues nor for the quality or suitability of the same and will bear no responsibility for resolving such disputes on behalf of the members with the suppliers or manufacturers concerned.
  10. Images and description of the gift / reward / service available for redemption are for reference only and may not be exactly the same as the actual gift / reward / service. Members shall not make any complaint or make any claim against Times Square Limited and/or the supplier of such gift / reward / service in the event where any difference is found.
  11. Members are responsible for checking the latest information from Times Square regularly before redeeming gifts / reward / service or taking part in members’ activities by using vaild points.
  12. Available gift / reward / service will be updated from time to time. Separate terms and conditions may apply to specific gift / reward / service. For further details, please visit our VIC Lounge/ VIC Concierge or call us at 2118 6916/ 2118 0067, or visit timessquare.com.hk.
  13. In case of any disputes in respect of any gift / reward / service redemption by the members, the decision of Times Square Limited shall be final and conclusive.

D. Access to VIC Lounge

  1. A member who reached the specified annual spending can continue to enjoy the VIC Lounge in the current and upcoming year. Times Square Limited has the right to review each member’s spending and reserves the right to change the annual spending requirement without notice.
  2. Each Member must present his / her own Membership Card to access the Lounge.
  3. Each Member may bring along a maximum of one guest per visit to the Lounge. The guest must be accompanied by the Member at all time in the Lounge.
  4. Members or the accompanied guests agree that he / she will defend and indemnify Times Square Limited, its directors, officers, employees and agents (collectively the “indemnified parties”) against and hold each of the indemnified parties harmless from all liabilities, damages, losses, claims, suits, judgments, costs and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) to the extent as permitted by the law for injury to or death of any person or damage to, or destruction of, any property arising from the use of VIC Lounge by the members or any other person accompanying the members, except that such indemnification shall not extend to acts of gross negligence or wilful misconduct by the indemnified parties.
  5. VIC Lounge will be closed if there is private event, without prior notice.
  6. Members must comply with the guidelines for the use of VIC Lounge. In case of any disputes, the decision of Times Square Limited shall be final and conclusive.

VIC Lounge: Suite 1505, 15/F, Tower One (may change)

In the event there is any discrepancy between the English and Chinese version of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.

Times Square Limited has the right to revise or update these Terms and Conditions without prior notice to the members. Members are advised to check the latest Terms and Conditions available on the Mobile App and the website of Times Square from time to time.

For any enquiries, please contact us at VIC hotline 2118 6916/ 2118 0067.

For details, please visit Times Square official website www.timessquare.com.hk or mobile application

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