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Feast of Fortune and Happiness @ Times Square
Feast of Fortune and Happiness @ Times Square

As we hop into the Year of the Rabbit, Times Square joins hands with local toymaker URDU to design Disney characters Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck as auspicious Maneki-neko and Daruma. From January 10 through February 5, two-meter mega-size installations of these two luck-bringing characters will greet everyone at the Times Square Open Piazza as part of the Feast of Fortune and Happiness campaign. A pop-up store will set foot in the Atrium on the second floor of the mall, featuring 50 limited-run Disney items as well as the URDU Fukuheya Disney collection. Maneki-neko and daruma figures, blind boxes, as well as omamoris are all up for grabs! Upon purchase at the pop-up store, customers will be given special red packets as well as Fai Chun (Chinese blessing banners). Take them all home for a thriving and propitious year ahead!

2-meter mega-size Maneki-neko MICKEY HOUSE and DONALD DUCK to greet everyone
Renowned for its diverse and creative designs, Hong Kong toymaker URDU specializes in art toys, sculptures, and art craft design and making. Multiple productions – solo and crossover alike – have achieved tremendous commercial success. In this Feast of Fortune and Happiness collaboration with Times Square, URDU instills a jolt of festivity and New Year blessings in the project by turning household classics Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck into an auspicious maneki-neko and daruma, giving life to the URDU Fukuheya Disney collection. Page 2 of 6 The Open Piazza on the ground floor will be home to a two-meter mega-size URDU Fukuheya, comprised of a 5.5-meter tunnel flanked by lanterns. Greeting guests at the entrance is a gigantic maneki-neko Donald Duck, who leads visitors into a fortune tunnel. On the sides are some instafriendly canvases featuring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck as maneki-neko and daruma, with the motif of fortune and luck. At the end of the tunnel awaits a mega maneki-neko Mickey Mouse surrounded by lanterns carved with blessings, where visitors can pray for joy, fortune, good health, and prosperity for the new year ahead!

Exclusive URDU Fukuheya series and other pre-sale items available at pop-up store
The New Year auspicious journey does not stop there, for a meter-tall daruma Mickey Mouse and daruma Donald Duck await visitors at the pop-up store in the Atrium. The pop-up store features 50 limited-run Disney items, as well as the URDU Fukuheya Disney collection that makes its first debut in Hong Kong. Signature items of the collection include the special-edition Maneki-Neko Donald Duck in gold (limited run: 200), Daruma Figure series, blind boxes, omamoris, and many more. Be warned – they are surely going to sell like hot cakes! In addition, there are the 7” Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Standing Figures, Huggies series cushions, and many other featured Disney items for purchase. Enrich your Chinese New Year celebrations with these Disney must-haves!

URDU Fukuheya Series (Exclusive at Times Square)

(Left) URDU Fukuheya Maneki-neko DONALD DUCK Limited Edition (Gold)* $880; (Right) URDU Fukuheya Omamori $138
*Available from January 14

(From left to right)
URDU Fukuheya Daruma MICKEY MOUSE $780; URDU Fukuheya Maneki-neko MICKEY MOUSE $880; Maneki-neko DONALD DUCK Figure Sculpture $880; Daruma DONALD DUCK Figure Sculpture $780
(Pre-sale items. Limited to one per customer.)

URDU Fukuheya x DISNEY LUCKY Blind Box Set (8 boxes per set) $792/set; $99/single Box

New Year Item Highlights

(Left) URDU 7” Standing Figure (Pinocchio)* $580; (Right) URDU Huggies Series Cushions $249
*Available from January 14

In addition, during the promotional period, customers are given a set of red packets upon any purchase. Upon spending $388, customers will even receive a set of Chinese New Year Fai Chun.

Feast of Fortune and Happiness @ Times Square
Time: 10am – 10pm
Location: G/F Open Piazza

Pop-up Store
Time: 11am – 9pm*
Location: 2/F Atrium

*CNY special operation hours:
16/1 – 21/1: 11am – 10pm
22/1: 12pm – 8pm
23/1 – 24/1: 11am – 9pm

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