Vida Coffee



Kiosk 8/F, 8F




Vida Coffee is established in Hong Kong in 2017. 

It is a caffeine joint that blends the quality of Specialty Coffee and the speed of Commercial Coffee together. It is designed to become a daily necessity for local coffee addicts. It focuses on providing high-quality coffee by giving more steps, more checks, and more care in the whole production. Apart from its local roasting, its coffee ranges from some of the rarest to the most exclusive in the world, from award-winning coffee at the World Coffee Roasting Championship to experimental coffee at the forefront of innovation. 
It not only wants to become a guide to the world of coffee from grain to cup, but also a relaxing place to brighten up leisure and enjoy scrumptiously comforting food with an exceptional cup of coffee. It hopes to become a third space for people to slow down, discover amazing coffee and share it with others. 

At Vida, you will only find the best coffees from the best roasters in the world.

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