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Our brand name was inspired by a classic Italian snack, Crostini, which is a grilled bread, seasoned with various ingredients, with a choice of simplicity in the taste. Similar to our vision, where we aim to slow down the pace of the urban lifestyle in Hong Kong and to inject relaxation and colors into people lives.
Crostini is becoming more diverse as its progress, as we not only provide extraordinary European breads, patisseries, coffee delicacies and cookies, but have also developed our own fashion line and elegant florist. At Crostini, we always strive for innovation and will continually surprise you all with our creative ideas. At this moment, we have over 20 shops all around Hong Kong, and we will continue to deliver a healthy European lifestyle to our dearest customers to enjoy moments of their lives.

At Crostini, we value comments and support from our customers, as we believe that these could drive us to progress to a higher level! Hence, we are open to any suggestions or comments and we promise to bring you more varieties and surprises in the future.

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