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911, 9F




City Chain endeavors to maintain its market-leading position not only by offering high quality and chic watches, but also providing professional customer services and ensuring product diversity.

Providing excellent customer-oriented service is the top mission of City Chain. In order to have well understanding of our customers’ need and furnish our customers with the best advice, all of our front staffs have been equipped with the professional on-job trainings. And the all-rounded after-sales services that City Chain provided allow customers seeking for assistant easily in any one of our stores.

To cater with the market needs, City Chain has launched various concept stores,  which are tailor-made for different age groups with varied tastes, we aim to bring everyone a wonderful shopping experience.

To ensure product quality and diversity, City Chain works hand in hand with a enormous selection of famous international brands, introducing various watches with sophisticated design and prominent function. Meanwhile, we actively develop our own house brands, keep exploring and extending the product category from stylish accessories to quality handbags, creating more choices to customers.

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