Donguri Republic



925C, 9F




Donguri Republic ~ The Official Studio Ghibli Character-Themed Goods Store

Donguri Republic overseas store on the 9th floor of Times Square, Causeway Bay, presenting character-themed goods from Studio Ghibli’s popular films including My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away.

As if walking into the classic scene from My Neighbor Totoro, a huge Totoro riding on a top makes its worldwide debut and greets guests at the entrance of the Times Square Store.  A forest tunnel leads guests to the world of a Studio Ghibli film.

Guests will find all kinds of Studio Ghibli merchandise, including plush toys, household goods, Japanese and Chinese Art album, books and CD that are popular in Japan, and also local DVD and Blu-ray video products.

The store will be a wonderland where customers can share their memories and joy of watching Studio Ghibli’s films, filling their busy lives with laughter, peace and warmth.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/donguri.hongkong