Nha Trang Vietnamese Cuisine



1303, 13F



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Nha Trang restaurants are proud to prepare our authentic Vietnamese cuisine with fresh prime ingredients. We import rice, fish sauce and other essential ingredients direct from the source, to bring a taste of culinary traditions from across Vietnam, served in a comfortable modern dining room.   Our menu reflects the best of the country’s age-old recipes. Taste flavours inspired by Hanoi home cooking, refined imperial Hue cuisine and dishes that combine Southeast Asian and French colonial-era elements. We believe in relaxed vibrant dining at Nha Trang, and we serve up some of Vietnam’s tasty street food and snacks that are great fun to share.  Nha Trang restaurants are all about a laid-back dining experience. Enjoy a meal or snack from our pan-Vietnam repertoire, served with a friendly smile in a relaxed light-filled modern environment, enlivened with eye-catching Vietnamese artwork.

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