Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao



B221A, B2


+852 2506 0080

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Crystal Jade takes pride in its famous Lanzhou-style “La Mian” (hand-pulled noodles), which are made in house the moment customers place their orders. Each bowl of noodles is served in a wholesome, savory soup brewed from chicken, dry-cured ham and pork bone. “Xiao long bao” (soup dumplings in Shanghai style) is another favorite signature dish, being exquisitely made with fresh meat and filled with flavorful juices.

In addition to preparing classic home-style dishes like Sautéed Prawn in Chilli Sauce, Beef Slices in Spicy Soup, and Braised Pork with Dried Beancurd Sheet, Crystal Jade also creates unique delicacies such as Sweet & Sour Cucumber Skin Roll, Chilled Black Fungus tossed in Aged Vinegar, and Sweetened Ham served with Crispy Beancurd Sheet and Chinese Bun to leave customers with a truly memorable gastronomic experience.

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