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Spend HK$250 at any restaurants on B2 and Food Forum (single daily electronic receipt) can collect one stamp on 2/F or 12/F Redemption Counter. Accumulating three stamps for chances to redeem a HK$100 Food Forum Voucher.

Limited daily quota for HK$100 Food Forum Voucher, once per person per day, first come first served. Available while stock lasts.

Period: 6 Jun – 17Jul, 2019

Stamp / Voucher Redemption Time: 12pm -10pm

Stamp / Voucher Redemption Venue: 2/F & 12/F Redemption Counter
Terms & Conditions
1) Limited quota for the HK$100 Food Forum Voucher. Available while stock lasts without prior notice.
2) Participants with eligible spending must present the machine print receipt and electronic transaction slip in person for registration along with the credit card for the respective transaction. Verification of customers’ transaction required, accept only transaction under the name of the same person. In case of insufficiency to verify, any document that can prove his/her identity must be presented in order to participate.
3) Single net spending amount shall not be less than HK$250. Every qualified receipt can collect one stamp. Photocopy of receipt or combined receipt is not acceptable.
4) One receipt is only entitled to each promotional program for once. Photo copy of receipt is not acceptable.
5) Eligible receipts must be redeemed on the same day at the 2/F or 12/F Redemption Counter between 12pm – 10pm, overdue receipts will not be accepted.
6) Every five stamps on the same stamping card are eligible for chances to redeem a HK$100 Food Forum Voucher once, and each stamp can only be used once.
7) Cannot combine the stamps on different stamping cards for use. One stamping card can only be entitled to 3 times redemption of the HK$100 Food Forum Voucher maximum.
8) Reprint receipts, handwritten receipts, split transaction receipts, deposit payment, receipts from purchase of cash vouchers, bill payment, purchase and reload of value-added cards, purchase with cash vouchers, payment of membership fee, shopping vouchers, value-added cards and cash dollars, online purchase, any kinds of mobile payment, Alipay, Apple Pay, Android Pay’s receipts are not accepted for this programme.
9) All the personal data collected from the participants is solely used for the program record and will not be disclosed / transferred to any third parties.
10) All employees and relatives of Times Square Limited, appointed contractors, advertising and PR agency, its retail tenants and sponsors are not allowed to participate in the program.
11) Times Square Limited reserves the right to make the final judgment on the programme and the Terms & Conditions are subject to change by Times Square at any time without prior notice.

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