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2023.09.12 - 10.20
7pm+ Shop, Savor & Park!
7pm+ Shop, Savor & Park!

From 12 Sep to 20 Oct 2023 (Monday-Friday only), park at Times Square and enjoy up to 5 hours free parking upon same-day single spending of designated amount at or after 7pm* from any shopping or F&B outlets at Times Square.

*Both car entry time and transaction time must fall at or after 7pm on the same-day. The transaction time is subject to the machine-printed receipt.

Same-day single spending of designated amountFree parking hours
HK$1003 Hours
HK$2005 Hours

  1. Promotional Period is from 12 Sep to 20 Oct 2023.
  2. This offer is only applicable to car entry at or after 7pm on Monday-Friday during the promotion period; and is not applicable to car entry before 7 pm. Additional parking fee will be duly charged if the parking duration exceeds the specified free parking hours (Monday to Friday: HK$17/half hour).
  3. This offer is valid with presentation of the same-day single original machine-printed receipt from Times Square’s shopping or F&B outlets at or after 7 pm (Reprint receipts, split transaction receipts, Credit Card receipts, EPS receipts, handwritten receipts are not accepted). Food delivery, value-adding receipts, purchase of cash vouchers/gift vouchers/gift cards, membership fee payment are NOT eligible.
  4. This parking privilege is not applicable to purchase at any Pop-up Store or Times Square Bazaar.
  5. Eligible spending does not include any payment made with coupons, cash/gift vouchers, gift cards or merchants’ stored-value cards.
  6. This offer must be redeemed at B4 Shroff Office.
  7. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other parking offers.
  8. This offer is applicable to private cars only.
  9. Each private car is entitled to have one free parking privilege daily.
  10. Times Square Limited reserves all rights to change the terms and conditions of this parking privilege program without prior notice. In case of any disputes, Times Square Limited reserves the right of final decision.
  11. Please apply for this parking incentive before leaving.

Hotline: 2118 8900

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