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It's Shopping Time 2022! Happy Rewards
It's Shopping Time 2022! Happy Rewards

From 16 May to 17 July 2022 upon same-day spending of every HK$1,500 at Times Square outlet(s) (maximum 3 receipts from different merchants) by electronic transaction, customers can redeem ONE “HK$100 Shopping Coupon” and One “HK$100 Dining Coupon”. Upon every spending of HK$5,000 (maximum 3 receipts from different merchants), customers can redeem ONE “HK$500 Shopping Coupon”. And get DOUBLE Coupon Rewards on full day of every Thursday and Sunday’s spending.

Customers are required to register as “Happy Rewards Member” at to join this promotion and enjoy the rewards.

Period: 16 May to 17 July 2022
Coupon Redemption Venue & Time:
5/F Redemption Counter: 12nn – 10pm

Shopping Coupon Valid Until: 27 July 2022
Dining Coupon Valid Until: 3 August 2022

Coupon Usage and List of Participating Outlets:

Coupon Redemption Table

  1. Promotion period is from 16 May to 17 July 2022. Sales transaction and reward redemption must fall and redeem within this period.
  2. Customers are required to register as “Happy Rewards Member” at to join this promotion and enjoy the rewards. Each customer can register as Member ONCE only. Times Square Limited reserves the right to request Member to present their proof of identity for verification.
  3. Members must redeem the gift in person. Redemption by sales staff of Times Square tenants and other persons on behalf of Members will not be accepted.
  4. Each customer can join this promotion once per day during the promotion period (redeem once only for same-day spending in same outlet), and redeem the rewards at redemption counter within 7 days from the spending date (Last redemption date is 17 July 2022). Daily quota applies on rewards while stock lasts, and the redemption will be terminated accordingly without prior notice. Customers can enquire about the status of reward distribution at redemption counters.
  5. Designated electronic payment methods only include EPS, Credit Card, Octopus, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Wechat Pay, Alipay, Tap & Go, Unionpay QR Code, RewardCash and Cash Dollars. Any transaction of value-adding services, purchase of cash vouchers/ gift vouchers/ gift cards and membership fee payment is NOT eligible for this promotion.
  6. To join the promotion, Members are required to login onsite and present their own physical credit card(s)/ EPS card(s)/ Octopus Card(s) used for the spending; corresponding original machine-printed receipt(s) from Times Square’s outlet(s) and electronic payment slip(s) (can accumulate slips from maximum 3 different outlets by the same Member). Members are required to login the App and show the transaction(s) for mobile payment (screen cap is not accepted). Cash, Gift Card/Voucher of Times Square & any tenants, and other payment methods are NOT accepted.
  7. To be eligible for redemption, all machine-printed receipt(s) and electronic payment slip(s)/transaction record (s) of logged-in mobile payment App must be supplemented with the corresponding physical credit card(s)/ EPS card(s)/Octopus Card(s), showing the same name/card number of the Member. Times Square Limited reserves the right to request Members to present their proof of identity and capture the images of machine-printed receipt(s) from outlet(s) and corresponding electronic payment slip(s)/transaction record(s) in logged-in mobile payment App for verification and internal control purposes. Times Square Limited reserves the right to not process the redemption if Members refuse to provide the relevant information. Related images collected are retained for the above purposes only and will be destroyed within three months upon the completion of the campaign.
  8. Value-adding receipts, transaction for purchasing or spending with tenants’ cash vouchers/gift vouchers/gift cards are NOT eligible for redemption. Receipts from bank charges, membership fee payment, medical charges, insurance & investment fee payment, telecommunications services, bill payment service, car parking fee, car wash services, wedding banquets, private and corporate functions at F&B outlets are NOT eligible. For instalment transactions, only the first month’s instalment payment amount will be accepted for this promotion. Duplicate, photocopied, handwritten receipts and splitting of receipts are NOT accepted. Treatment services receipts of SHISEIDO GINZA TOKYO (Suite 1701 Tower 1), Sulwhasoo (Suite 1501-3 Tower 1). Receipts of PicoLabb (Suites 1504B Tower 1), Polyvision’s (Suite 1703-5 Tower 1) and PicoLabb Wellness (Suite 1504b Tower 1), Pop-up and Bazaar are not accepted for related promotions.
  9. Each type of coupon can be used in designated participating outlets only. Shopping Coupons are valid till 27 July 2022 and Dining Coupons are valid till 3 August 2022. List of designated participating tenants and coupon usage terms can refer to the backside and QR code of the coupons.
  10. For coupon usage in designated participating outlets, ONE HK$100 dining coupon of same type can be used upon every spending of HK$200 (A max of 5 coupons can be used each time); ONE HK$100 shopping coupon of same type can be used upon every spending of HK$300 (A max of 10 coupons can be used each time); ONE HK$500 shopping coupon of same type can be used upon every spending of HK$1,500 (A max of 3 coupons can be used each time). Each customer can only use coupon(s) for payment once in same participating outlet on the same day and different types and values of coupon CANNOT be used at the same time.
  11. All spending receipts that have been used for redemption are NOT eligible for refund from the outlets. If customers MUST get the refund, they should return the redeemed rewards to the redemption counter prior to refund.
  12. Each eligible original receipt will entitle each Member one registration only. The redemption cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers (except Times Square VIC Club & Parking Promotion).
  13. All rewards are NOT FOR SALE, non-exchangeable for cash and/or other gifts, and are non-returnable. Times Square Limited & participating outlets reserve the right to collect or cancel the rewards used for sale.
  14. Members should refer to coupons for respective usage terms and details. Non-exchangeable and non-returnable after redemption.
  15. Sales staff and employees of Times Square tenants are not eligible to participate in this promotion.
  16. In case of any dispute, the decision of Times Square Limited and the participating outlets shall be final.

Hotline: 2118 8900

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