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2024.06.27 - 09.01
Inside Out 2: Emotion Playpark
Inside Out 2: Emotion Playpark

The much-anticipated movie Disney and Pixar’s “Inside Out 2” is finally here! To celebrate the sequel of this household classic, Open Piazza and 2/F Atrium of Times Square has transformed into an “Inside Out 2: Emotion Playpark” to welcome fans from 27 June through 1 September! In addition to our old buddies Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust, four new Emotions have arrived as Riley goes through the stages of growth, namely Envy, Embarrassment, Ennui, and Anxiety in “Inside Out 2”. A total of 23 1:1 scale character models of 9 Emotions lead patrons through the Emotion Playpark before they explore the Headquarters, the Emotion’s bedrooms, and even the new “Belief System”! The mall’s B1/F will house a unique “Inside Out 2” pop-up store, where numerous brand-new limited-edition merchandises are up for grabs. Moreover, upon spending a designated amount, customers can redeem exclusive gifts. Come join the Emotions at the Emotion Playpark at Times Square all summer!

Emotion-themed zones at Open Piazza make for unmissable Insta-hotspots

The mega archway marks the entrance of the Playpark, and echoes the floor-to-ceiling glass wall of Headquarters with a view of Personality Islands, where the nine Emotions-designed models greet patrons – some more eagerly than the others! The Playpark, sectioned according to the nine Emotions, makes for an unmissable Insta-hotspot for everyone!


Adjacent to the archway is Joy dancing briskly in her floral garden surrounded by bubbles. A bubbly garden for a bubbly Joy!


Sadness, as always, sobs underneath her rainclouds, in her gloomy zone awaiting comfort. Sigh.


Mega broccoli – how disgusting! And Ms. Disgust is not afraid to show on her face how she feels about this green nuisance!


“Would you like to play tic-tac-toe with me? Oh- actually, no, no, no – forget about it…” (blushed). Oh, how typical of Embarrassment. Shall we give this newcomer a high five to make him feel more comfy?


A 2.5-meter climbing wall right in front of Fear – how daunting! Poor Fear is shaking already at the sight of the gigantic wall!


Try the high striker machine near Anger to see how much rage he has inside of him – ARGH!


Our second newcomer Anxiety protects Riley from things that she can’t see by worrying about this and that, here and there, all the time – even when resting on this beautiful swing underneath some colorful memory globes.


Another newcomer peeks at everyone from behind the wall, admiring literally everything that she wishes she could have. And yes, that’s Envy!


And where is the final newcomer Ennui? Oh, of course – dispiritedly sitting right by the entrance alone. It seems that she just wants to lay on the couch at the Headquarters with her phone. Come on, Ennui!

Headquarters, Emotion Bedrooms, and Belief System at mall atrium

The mall atrium on level 2 features the newly unveiled Headquarters and the Emotions’ Bedroom on one side, which was the setting for the first appearance of our most familiar 5 Emotions wearing pajamas. It’s an epic moment for a snapshot so seize the opportunity! Across from the Bedroom is the newly upgraded Headquarters’ console, where the nine Emotions are all set to work and patrons can have a feel of what it is like behind the console. The secret room at the back is the new “Belief System” – which is full of sparkling strings and stores Riley’s memory balls. If you take a closer look, you will see Joy and Sadness here to explore the room with you! Look up while at the atrium to find different floors and escalators have transformed into tubes carrying memory balls to record everyone’s beautiful memories. The bullet lifts have also transformed into the Headquarters elevator, where Emotions accompany you during your ups and downs!

Unique “Inside Out 2” pop-up store with exclusive items

A unique “Inside Out 2” pop-up store is located at level B1 of the mall, where over 500 merchandises are available for purchase, including exclusive “Inside Out 2” collectibles. The limited-time pop-up store will be open until 31 July. Don’t miss your chance – go browse and acquire your favorite items!

Inside Out 2: Emotion Playpark @Times Square
Date: 27 June – 1 September, 2024
Time: 10am – 10pm
Location: Open Piazza and 2/F Atrium

“Inside Out 2” Pop-up Store
Date: 27 June – 31 July, 2024
Time: 11am – 9pm
Location: B1/F

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