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2022.08.18 - 09.30
Disney Stitch VS Pixar Aliens
Disney Stitch VS Pixar Aliens

Two iconic characters, including Disney’s Stitch and Pixar’s Aliens, are showing up at Hong Kong Times Square from now until 30 September! Visitors can see the 5-metre tall gourmet headquarters featured Stitch and Aliens. Consisting of 6 photogenic spots such as food scenes equipped with special effects, the event debuts food-shaped check-in spots onsite, namely Stitch Cheese Sauce Rocket, Aliens Hamburger Tank and Aliens Pizza Umbrella.  

Also, there is a pop-up store at 2/F Atrium, offering more than 600 Stitch and Aliens merchandises. Hence, at the venue, fans of #TeamStitch or #TeamAliens can spoil themselves with a wide array of products. In addition, a themed tram will be here to offer check-in spots for visitors and invite them to join either side of the battle!

8 onsite photogenic spots, enabling visitors to immerse in an interactive fantasy arena

All visitors will be divided into two teams, with the blue team represented by Stitch and the green team led by Aliens. Moreover, two 5-metre tall headquarters are positioned at two ends of the venue. Featuring Aliens, the spaceship, boasting an Aliens-shaped neon sign, is undoubtedly the base of Aliens. Right behind the spaceship is the popcorn area, where multiple Aliens are surrounded by uncountable popcorn. There is also an “electric claw “ to catch Aliens drowned by popcorn! After being caught by the claw, Aliens will join the fans to take playful photo at the same time!

On the other hand, the Stitch ice-cream headquarters offers a giant Stitch installation and three cannons on the roof. The interiors exude a Hawaiian ambience, where fans can enjoy a tropical environment without flying out of Hong Kong! Moreover, in order to protect the headquarter, Stitch stands on its Cheese Sauce Rocket to fight with Aliens Hamburger Tank and Aliens Pizza Umbrella.

There are also three 3-metre tall interactive walls located behind the headquarters, serving as photogenic spots where special visual effects take place.  The walls are “ovens” with multiple challenges inside. On the right side, Stitch is practising how to avoid the fries-shaped throwing knives. Undoubtedly, participants who step into this area need to be agile to avoid obstacles. After this, participants can move on to the oven next to it. Here, Aliens are standing on the hob to avoid falling into the lava. In this area, participants can train their bravery and the strength of their feet! The last oven is the extension of the Aliens’ base. Aliens, along with the freshly baked popcorns, are waiting for participants to join their team!

Do not miss out the special effect of the ovens aiming at enhancing the visual and audio effects onsite. With this meticulously designed programme, visitors can enjoy the photogenic spots to the max!

Hong Kong’s first Disney Stitch VS Pixar Aliens pop-up store

The pop-up store offers more than 600 Stitch and Aliens merchandises, ranging from stationery, toys, accessories, housewares to clothing, and even jelly and gummies. Apart from these items, the event also debuts 20 items to delight visitors. For example, mini-figures of Aliens and Stitch are available. With these figures, visitors can create their bespoke glass bottles. Offering such a wide array of accessories, the pop-up store undoubtedly satisfies your needs!

Spend to redeem limited-edition Pizza box-shaped towel

From 1 to 30 September, Happy Rewards members can redeem the limited-edition “Disney Stitch vs Pixar Aliens” towel set by making same-day spending through electronic payment of HK$3,000 or above with a maximum of three receipts from three stores. Cute and meticulously designed, the towel set consists of a pizza-shaped package! See more details here.

The first themed tram invites fans to join both camps

Stitch and Aliens theme display has extended to a themed tram. From now until 18 September, the FIRST “Disney Stitch VS Pixar Aliens” themed tram is here. To engage fans, the tram is even installed with special check-in spots for passengers to experience the battle between both camps! In addition, during the event period, fans can take creative photos or videos of the themed tram and upload them onto Instagram with designated hashtags*. Times Square will select the most creative photo weekly and award the creator with the limited-edition “Disney Stitch vs Pixar Aliens” towel set.

*Please check Times Square’s Instagram for the latest information

A not-to-be-missed opportunity to bring the souvenirs home! Remember to visit the Disney Stitch VS Pixar Aliens themed display at Times Square with friends and families!

Disney Stitch VS Pixar Aliens

Date: 18/8 – 30/9 (Open to the public at 6pm on 18/8)
Time: 10am – 10pm (Pop-up store: 11am – 9pm)
Location: Open Piazza, Hong Kong Times Square (Pop-up store is located at Atrium on 2/F)

Rules and Regulation

18/8/2022- 30/9/2022 10am – 10pm

10 mins per session

Cleaning and sanitizing would be conducted during specifi­c time slots: 9:30am-10:00am; 10:00pm-10:30pm

  • Arrangements on the Approach of Typhoon/Rainstorms for the event
    Disney Stitch VS Pixar Aliens” Exhibition
    When typhoon signal No. 3 or above, a red/ black rainstorm signal or thunderstorm warning is hoisted, the exhibition will be temporarily closed without further notice.
    “Disney Stitch VS Pixar Aliens” pop-up store
    When typhoon signal No. 8 or above is hoisted, the “Disney Stitch VS Pixar Aliens” pop-up store will be temporarily closed without further notice. If typhoon signal No. 8 is lowered/ cancelled at 4p.m. or before, the pop-up store will be resuming operation in 2 hours; If typhoon signal No. 8 is lowered/ cancelled after 4p.m. the pop-up store will be temporarily closed throughout the day.
  • According to the latest arrangement, customers or users of all premises regulated under Cap. 599F must be ready for temperature measurement, sanitize their hand, scan the QR code with LeaveHomeSafe app/ or register on the printed form with relevant data, present their vaccination record for the purpose of the Vaccine Pass.
  • Having considered that some individuals are unable to meet the requirement of using of the LeaveHomeSafe mobile application due to reasonable reasons, persons aged 65 or above and aged 15 or below and persons with disability that render use of the app difficult, will be exempted from the requirement of using the app when they enter and may fill in a specified form as an alternative.
  • Exemption of Vaccine Pass is only applicable to children below 12 with accompany of an adult, participants who are within six months after having received the second dose of vaccine (aged 12 or above), participants with QR code to proof they are within six months after recovery of COVID-19 and participants with relevant copy of the Exemption Certificate.
  • In case of high demand, entry tickets might be distributed at the entrance for the exhibition to avoid crowd gathering, Ticket holder must stick to the distributed session. No rescheduling will be arranged.
  • Ticket holder must arrive 10 minutes before their session, ready for temperature measurement, sanitize their hand, scan the QR code with LeaveHomeSafe app/ or register on the printed form with relevant data, present their vaccination record for the purpose of the Vaccine Pass. Re-scheduling is not available for late comers.
  • Each ticket is only entitled to one ticket holder.
  • Participants must wear a mask throughout the whole session and maintain social distancing.
  • Participants must take care of their own belongings at all times. Times Square will not be held liable for any lost, stolen or damaged personal property and belonging.
  • Eatables and beverages of any kind are not allowed to be consumed in venue, smoking, fighting or interfering with other participants are strictly prohibited.
  • No climbing or moving of any decorations inside the venue.
  • Apart from a guide dog, pets’s body length below 40 cm must be on a leash, and carried either by trolley, bag or be hand carried within the venue.
  • Times Square reserves the right to make changes to all activities and has the right to refuse anyone to enter or leave the venue.
  • Times Square has the right to prosecute any purposeful act to damage the environment.
  • Upon admission, the participant confirms that he/she has read, understood and agreed to all the terms and conditions in the venue and voluntarily assumes all the risks.
  • In case of any disputes, Times Square Limited reserves the right of ­final decision.
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