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Times Square x Panther Chan: Whimsical Spring Blossoms
Times Square x Panther Chan: Whimsical Spring Blossoms

To celebrate the spring festival, Times Square joins hands with Canto-pop sensation Panther Chan to introduce the Times Square x Panther Chan: Whimsical Spring Blossoms campaign. From today through February 25, 2024, the Open Piazza houses the Whimsical Blossoms Knitway, the Pretty Petals Pathway, and the Bloom Bloom Drums, wishing patrons a year full of happiness and good fortune. In addition, the Era of the Knit will showcase the yarn crafts of Panther, who is also a knitting virtuosa! With its flooring adorned with knitted flower patterns, the Atrium will be home to a mega cherry blossom tree, bringing everyone good vibes for the new year! Explore the various zones, scan the QR codes, and unlock the six sweet blessings that Panther has prepared for you! What’s more, Panther has designed “Blooming Blessings” Lai See Set with knitting elements for Times Square patrons, bringing unique and auspicious Lunar New Year blessings. This year of the dragon is surely going to be a flourishing year filled with joy and success!

As a knitting enthusiast, Panther recalled the chemistry with Times Square in this collab. “I’m a regular at Times Square. It’s a one-stop shop for chic labels and top-notch restaurants – and it’s so convenient. Plus, I really appreciate their diverse campaigns. As a creative artist, I seek inspiration in my daily life, and Times Square is undoubtedly one of my sources. A heartfelt thank-you to Times Square for giving me the opportunity to showcase my yarn crafts.” Speaking about her crafts and designs, Panther highlighted the bold colour palette and intricate knitting techniques. “The beauty of knit works lies in their originality. This time, I have experimented with different colour combinations and knitting techniques, aiming for some vibrant and lively designs. I hope this unique New Year’s blessing will bring everyone prosperity and success in the new year!”

Explore 4 Whimsical Zones and Discover Panther’s Yarn Crafts

The Open Piazza houses four major zones – each with its unique QR code. Scan all the hidden QR codes to unlock delightful blessings Panther has prepared! Vibrant and dazzling, the 9-metre-long Whimsical Blossoms Knitway at the entrance features the many exquisite knitted floral patterns designed by Panther, enhanced by attractive neon lights. Traverse the knitway and welcome a thriving year ahead!

Beyond the Whimsical Blossoms Knitway lies the circular Pretty Petals Pathway, elegantly adorned with auspicious ornaments like goldfish, gold coins, and gold ingots which are specially designed by Panther. Snap a picture in the pathway with revolving ornaments and bring home with wealth, abundance, and good fortune! Want a chance to win a Fai Chun with Panther’s autograph? Post your snapshots on social media, tag @hktimessquare, and hashtag #TSCNY ! For more information, visit Times Square website, Facebook, or Instagram page.

Adjacent to the pathway is the Era of the Knit, where Panther’s delicate yarn crafts are unveiled. Three of her favourite hand-knit pieces are specially displayed in a suspended manner, allowing you to easily ‘try on’ and take photos by standing behind the knitted tops. On both sides, the prototypes of the Lai See Bag Panther designed, and some of her other hand-knitted works are showcased. Among them, five items will be auctioned for charity. You can participate by filling out the bidder form and placing it in the auction box. All proceeds will be fully donated to the End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation.

Charity Auction Box
Date: Now – 25 February 2024
Time: 10am – 10pm
Location: By 2/F Concierge

Head over to the Bloom Bloom Drums and hit them hard – for a blooming year! The interactive drums feature knitted blossom patterns designed by Panther. Each strike on the drum will activate the vibrant lights in the backdrop, symbolizing a year of grandeur and continuous advancement!

Lunar New Year blessings extend to the 2/F atrium, where the flooring is adorned with knitted blossom pattern stickers. Starting from 25 January, the Atrium will be home to a 4.5-metre-tall cherry blossom tree, accompanied by knitted floral instagrammable spots, providing a photo opportunity for everyone to enhance their luck in the new year. Don’t forget to look out for the QR codes to unlock Panther’s blessings!

Chinese & Western Music Performance
Times Square is delighted to invite TroVessional to perform traditional Chinese music in a bold and innovative way and celebrate the joyous arrival of the Dragon Year with everyone!

Date & Time: 6 – 9 Feb 5:15pm – 6pm | 11 – 13 Feb 3pm – 3:45pm, 4pm – 4:45pm
Location: 2/F Atrium

Times Square x Panther Chan: Whimsical Spring Blossoms Campaign Details
Date: Now – 25 February 2024
Time: 10am – 10pm
Location: Open Piazza and 2/F Atrium

Charity Auction terms and conditions:
1. Times Square Limited and Warner Music Hong Kong Ltd. (“the organizers”) and its employees bear no liability for the authenticity, quality and flaws of the Lot and the responsibility of any failure of the execution of written bids or any errors or omissions involved.
2. Unless otherwise agreed in writing prior the sale by the organizers that the Bidder is acting as agent on behalf of a third party, potential buyers placing a bid will be accepting personal liability.
3. Lot would be awarded to the Bidder whose Absentee Bid Form is first received and accepted in the case of two or more Bidders bidding the same Lot with the same price.
4. The form must be filled out with true and accurate personal information. If any of the aforementioned information is missing, the application will be considered invalid without further notice.
5. When the bidding period ends on 25 February, 2024 (10:00 PM), the highest bidder will successfully win the auction item and receive a confirmation email from Times Square Limited. Unsuccessful bidders will not be informed. The successful highest bidder must make the payment through a crossed cheque (payable to “ECSAF” / “End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation”) and mail it to the corresponding address. Times Square Limited will send a confirmation email to the successful bidder with payment instructions on or before 11 March, 2024. The successful bidder must complete the payment process within the specified period. Otherwise, the organizers reserve the right to reclaim the auction item.
6. After the successful bidder completes the transaction, Times Square Limited will contact the successful bidder promptly to arrange for collection. Successful bidder must pick up the successfully bid items in person with the presentation of Hong Kong identity card or identity document and “Successful Bid Notification” for identity verification.
7. Donation of HK$100 or above to End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation (ECSAF) is tax deductible.
8. If the successful bidder decides to forfeit the transaction, the company will sell the auction item to the next highest bidder or select a new winner through the aforementioned selection method. The newly successful bidder will receive notification via email, and they will be required to make the payment as instructed.
9. All auction items are non-refundable, non-returnable, and strictly prohibited for resale purposes.
10. The organizers reserve the right to alter, extend or terminate the event and amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In case of any dispute, the decision of the organizers shall be final.

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