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city’super A Night Market of Taiwanese Treats
city’super A Night Market of Taiwanese Treats

Night markets are one of the biggest drawcards of Taiwan. Each with its own distinct features, these nighttime street markets offer a smorgasbord of culinary delights, from traditional local flavours, to innovative creations and seasonal treats made with the freshest ingredients.

From 27 April to 17 May 2023, city’super is holding “A Night Market of Taiwanese Treats” at physical stores and the E-Shop and is bringing an authentic Taiwanese night market experience to Hong Kong with the best that Taiwan has to offer. Featuring Kungfood’s signature goose oil is divinely aromatic and can be drizzled directly on a variety of dishes. Three brand new products from Regent Taipei— Regent Taipei Clear Broth Beef Noodles, Scallop Chicken Noodles and Seafood Laksa Noodles —will cure your noodle fever with their unique, bold flavours. Gugo Kitchen White Jelly Ear is grown at their own farm in a strictly monitored environment, and freshly picked and directly flown from Taiwan. Jinbo Selection Truffle Soy Sauce uses carefully selected French black truffles, which are then fermented for 180 days with soy sauce made from 100% whole soybeans. Jinbo Selection Soul Spicy Noodles boasts a mixture of Sichuan dahongpao peppercorns and red scallion oil, resulting in its irresistible fragrance and numbing sensation. Jinbo Selection Premium Bopi Peeled Chilli, featuring handpicked high-altitude cayenne pepper marinated in premium truffle soy sauce, is sweet, juicy and packed with umami. A string of dumpling products, including Yuan Flavor Pickled Cabbage with Pork Dumpling and Sichuan Green Peppercorns Dumpling, use high-protein tofu skin in place of the traditional flour-based dumpling wrapper, which make for a healthier, low-carb alternative. Chia Yi Shi Ri Spicy Duck Blood and Bean Thread Pork Dumpling is where you’ll get the juiciness of the duck blood and the chewiness of the cellophane noodle all in one heavenly bite. For the most classic Taiwanese flavours, look no further than the traditional dessert ingredients courtesy of Fulin, ranging from to ice mix and brown sugar tapioca ball to taro balls and tofu pudding. Meet Fresh Taro Coconut Milk with Starch Balls and Grass Jelly Soup with Starch Balls are popular dessert that can be heated and ready to eat in minutes, so you get to enjoy the delicious night market taste hassle-free.

Known for his incomparable knife skills, Mr Xu Junjie is hailed as the “Quick Knife of Taiwan” and can peel and core a whole pineapple in just 10 seconds. He will visit city’super physical stores on 28-30 April, 2023, giving pineapple-peeling performances and service to customers. It’s your golden opportunity to witness the mastery of this night market legend.

In addition, to express city’super gratitude for the support of customers, from 27 April to 17 May, 2023, you can enjoy 10% off when pre-ordering designated mango and lychee products at city’super E-Shop. Available while stock lasts.

city’super A Night Market of Taiwanese Treats
Date: 27 April-17 May, 2023
Time: 10am – 10pm
Location: B1/F, Times Square

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