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1 Hour Free Parking
1 Hour Free Parking

With any spending at Times Square can enjoy 1 Hour free car parking.


Vaild until:

B4 Shroff Office

1. Customers must present the single daily machine print receipt and electronic transaction slip. One receipt is eligible to redeem one parking privilege for one time only. Photo copy of receipt or combined receipt is not acceptable.
2. Reprint receipts, split transaction receipts, receipts from purchase of cash vouchers, bill payment, purchase and reload of value-added cards, purchase with cash vouchers, shopping vouchers, value-added cards and cash dollars, online purchase, Pop-up Store and Times Square Bazaar’s receipt are not accepted for this programme.
3. This i-coupon is valid until 31/12/2022.
4. This i-coupon is for private cars only.
5. This i-coupon can only be used once per day and can be used in conjunction with other parking incentive programs.
6. This i-coupon is solely for Times Square App users only.
7. This i-coupon is solely for parking at Times Square Car Park and cannot be redeemed for cash (in whole or in part).
8. Additional hourly parking fee will be charged if parking time exceeds 1 hour.
9. Photocopies or camera shots of this i-coupon are not accepted.
10. This i-coupon must be presented at B4 Shroff Office upon payment.
11. This i-coupon is also subject to the conditions of parking listed at the entrance of Times Square Car Park.
12. This i-coupon is the property of Times Square Limited.
13. In case of any disputes, Times Square reserves the right of final decision.

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