Kiosk 3/F, 3F



Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday 08:00 - 21:00

Sunday 101:00 - 21:00


Gaia Group is happy to present HK first spinning gelato at Times Square. Unlike normal gelato sitting in a container, Petite House is bringing in 16 spinning gelato, freshly made every day. With the unique spinning machine, the gelato is freshly made around the clock. Nevertheless, continuing the concept of House series, we are marrying this freshly made gelato with a wide variety of Asian and local desserts. Good news to gelato lovers! Petite House is definitely a must go place not only for Gelato lover but also a paradise for those who like to experience new and exciting thing. Having a wide variety of gelato freshly made on spot from state of the art spinning gelato machine, Pistachio, Black Sesame are just some of the exotic flavors from the selection. Besides enjoying the gelato on its own, Petite House has offered an extensive range of toppings and sauce to enhance the tasting experience. Mango, Macaroon, Red Pomegranate, are something not to be missed. Petite House offers a wide variety of local snacks and desserts to match with gelato. Egg puff, waffle, pancake, puffs, soft cookies are all perfect match with gelato. The hot and cold sensation creates a harmony in the mouth, also at the heart. Besides gelato and desserts, breakfast and healthy light meals are also available at Petite House. People can grab a nice drink or gelato before going to next destination.

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